We connect with families right away! Unlike most other agencies, we do not require a time-consuming application form. Instead, we schedule a time for an individual consultation with each family to learn about your needs and preferences. Then we begin your customized search right away. Learn more about Our Client Experience.

  • Personalized - One of the things that our clients say they appreciate most about us is that we utilize a truly customized approach for each family. We understand that each family is unique and are truly invested in what is best for YOUR family.
  • Premier Customer Service - We are open around the clock and are in constant communication with our families and nannies. We take the time to get to know you and your family’s needs and preferences so we can find the best match. We develop relationships with each nanny and each family in order to make matches that are ideal for both parties.
  • Timely & Efficient – We get started with your search right away. We always have a pool of qualified nannies actively searching with us so we can often start sending candidates to families within a week or two.
  • Educated Nannies – We ask all of our nannies to complete the Nanny Knowledge Course and INA Nanny Basic Skills Assessment before working with our families.
We pride ourselves on being efficient and timely while also only sending you highly qualified candidates. We strive to start sending our families qualified nannies within a week or two of beginning a search. If the position is more difficult to fill or a special case, we will be transparent about the timeframe before you register.
  • 24/7 Customer Service - We understand that finding a childcare provider is a critical decision. We are here to serve our clients and are available anytime to provide support throughout the process.
  • Write Employment Agreements - Many of our families request that we draft the employment agreements for them, and we are happy to do so. We understand that this can be daunting, especially if you are hiring your first nanny. We just collect the necessary details from our clients in a short phone call or email and then draft it up for their review. Other families prefer to write their own so in this case we provide a customizable agreement for their use.
  • Nanny Interview Questions – We provide sample questions for you to use during the interview with the nanny candidates.
  • Nanny Payroll & Tax Consultation – We partner with GTM Payroll Services, which provides a complimentary consultation to each of our clients about nanny payroll and taxes. Learn more about GTM.
There are many factors that determine a nanny salary: education, experience, number of children, additional responsibilities, and special situations. On average, most professional nannies in Massachusetts earn between $25-40 per hour.
We believe that nannies are professionals and most families decide to offer their nannies some standard benefits such as two weeks paid vacation, Federal holidays, and a few sick days. Some families also decide to offer additional benefits such as transportation reimbursements and health care stipends.
A nanny is considered a household employee of the family. Our agency acts as a match-making service to help families find wonderful nannies.

Yes! We partner with GTM Payroll Services, which provides a complimentary consultation to each of our clients.

Many families wonder about nanny payroll and the tax implications that come along with it. In Massachusetts and Connecticut, a nanny is considered a household employee of the family. Therefore, the family is responsible for paying the nanny’s wages and any applicable taxes. We provide our families with information about the nanny tax requirements and offer free setup to all our clients who choose to utilize our partner GTM Payroll Services. GTM has been an industry leader in domestic payroll for the last 30 years, helping over 10,000 families across the country. They offer free consultations and are happy to answer any questions you have about your payroll and tax requirements.

We have a 30 day replacement guarantee, so if something happens within the first 30 days of employment, we will provide you with additional candidates at no cost. If something happens beyond the 30 days, we will assess that on a case by case basis. Our goal is to ensure lasting nanny-family matches.
Yes! Most families ask the nanny to trial for a few hours or a full day to see how the caregiver interacts with the child(ren) and determine if it’s a good fit.

There’s a $250 registration fee to start your search and for us to send you fully-vetted nannies. We do all the recruiting, interviewing, reference calls and put together a portfolio for each nanny. We also provide you with other resources such as interview questions and support you throughout the hiring process. If you choose to hire one of the nannies that we send you, we run a professional background check, CORI, and motor vehicle records check. We also can assist with the negotiation with the nanny and help you write the employment agreement.

If you hire a nanny through Premier Nanny Agency, there's a one-time placement fee calculated based on 12% of the nanny's gross annual salary. There's a minimum fee of $6,000 for any nanny placement."

We conduct a comprehensive background check which includes a County Criminal Court Search, Motor Vehicle Records Search, Nationwide Criminal Databases Search, Sex Offender Registry Search, Social Security Number Trace, and CORI checks in Massachusetts.