Infant Nanny Qualifications

Did you know that not all nannies are qualified to care for infants? In fact, if you are hiring a nanny for your infant there are important things to consider. Infants are more vulnerable than older children and it is essential to choose the right caregiver who you can trust with your baby. Many childcare providers have experience working with young children but may not have experience with infants. Babies have unique needs beyond supervision and interaction. At Premier Nanny Agency we require that any nanny candidate who is considering a position with babies have experience and training with this age group.

Unique Infant Needs

Additional safety concerns
Constant supervision and care

Infant Nanny Credentials

Although there are no formal requirements in the industry to become an infant nanny, the International Nanny Association offers some recommended credentials.

A Big Decision

At Premier Nanny Agency we require all of our nannies to take a Nanny Knowledge Course that includes a unit about how to best care for infants. We also require all our nannies to pass the International Nanny Association Nanny Basic Skills Assessment. Contact us today so we can learn more about how we may be able to help with your childcare needs.