Should I Send My Child To Daycare Or Hire A Nanny?

This is a decision that most parents have to make. While some parents decide to stay home to care for their children, most decide to go back to work at some point. Especially during the Covid era, more families are deciding to hire a nanny in order to limit outside exposure. Some families have decided not to send their child to daycare because they are hesitant about having their young child wear a mask all day. There are pros and cons to each option and variations and choices within each option.


Private Caregiver/Nanny


Private Caregiver

Families who are considering hiring a private caregiver will have to decide if they want a professional nanny who lives with them or lives out and commutes to their home each day. Some families decide to hire an au pair who commits to working and living with a family for one to two years in exchange for housing, food, and a stipend. If you are looking for a loving caregiver for your child we can help you find the ideal match.

Live Out

Live In

Au Pair

Nanny Share

Some families decide that they want to participate in a nanny share with one or two other families in their geographical area. This can give children the opportunity to socialize with others outside of their immediate family while still ensuring they will receive personal attention from the caregiver. These groups are often limited to two to four children, but each family can decide what works best for them.


There are a variety of daycare options for families to consider. There are large childcare centers where children are usually grouped by age group and have multiple teachers in each classroom. Some families choose to send their child to a family daycare that is often less regulated and may have mixed age classrooms.

Childcare Center

Family Daycare Center

Each family has to decide which type of childcare works best for their needs. Some families decide to use a combination of options or use a nanny when their child is a baby and then send them to daycare when they are a toddler. Others may send their child to daycare when they are younger and hire a part-time after school nanny once their child is older.